Optometry WA do now have a Student Membership as there is now the UWA optometry education facility here in Western Australia.   UWA Students have been offered free Student membership to the association at the UWA / OWA event early in 2021.  If you missed out on the offer, please email admin@optometrywa.org.au

If you are a student, or just completed your degree, and are considering moving to Western Australia, then we would be pleased to have you join our association.   If you already have an Optometry Australia Student Membership Number, then all you need to do is request to transfer to Optometry WA.  You do not need to join as a new member.   You OA number stays the same throughout your time with the association, regardless of which state you join or transfer in or out of during your career.

Email the OWA office on admin@optometrywa.org.au to arrange your transfer into OWA and to find out about the latest events happening within our association and the Early Career Optometrist’s WA group. Click here to view the latest events in Western Australia.

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