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The Optometry Western Australia Graduate Group is a collection of OWA members who have graduated in the last 10 years. 
ECO (Early Career Optometrists) has the goal is to provide you all with additional support that would be more tailored for you, and to also to build up a social network amongst ourselves. 
To be in ECO, you need to be in the first 10 years of your optometry career but if you fall outside that category but wish to attend a particular lecture, please email

The ECO Lectures are again part of WAVE and will take place on Sunday 31st March 8.30 am to 12.05pm and include morning tea and lunch in the WAVE Exhibitor Hall.

Registration is now open - Register Here for ECO19 Sunday Lecture Series   

ECO Timetable & Speaker Information

ECO19 Flyer

ECO19 AM Lectures = $95.00 

Want to attend the rest of WAVE19 to maximise your points? 

Saturday WAVE19 - All Day (AM Workshops & PM Lectures) including Sundowner Ticket = $235.00

Sunday WAVE19 - PM Lectures = $155.00

WAVE Saturday & Sunday Timetable