Read on Vale John Rees

Vale John Rees

The Australian optometry community mourns the loss of John Rees, a dedicated leader and tireless advocate for the field of optometry. As a former President of Optometry Australia from 1984-1986, John was instrumental in advancing the profession and improving the eye health of many through his dedication and passion.

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Read on A life of optometry: Simon Hanna

A life of optometry: Simon Hanna

With regular visits to optometrists and ophthalmologists when he was young, Simon has always felt engaged with the world of optometry. As a member of ‘a family of myopes’, visits were never a foreign experience, with regular examinations for his childhood strabismus acquainting him with the lenses and equipment from an early age. Now twenty years into his optometry career, he reflects on what he’s achieved across the industry.

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