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Optometry intelligent when it comes to diabetic screening

Optometry Australia is supportive of any screening for diabetic retinopathy in patients. And, while it welcomes the artificial intelligence screenings soon to be available at GP clinics as a method to detect the disease, it doesn’t want Australians to forgo comprehensive eye examinations.


Optometrists see link between vision loss and mental health

On R U OK Day? (Thursday September 14), Optometry Australia is encouraging Australians to understand the huge impact vision loss has on their mental health. As our population ages, the peak professional body for optometrists sees eye health as an increasingly important part of the mental health conversation.

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Looking each other in the eye can save your relationship and your eyes

Optometry Australia, the peak professional body for optometrists, has applauded SBS’s riveting series Look Me in the Eye, which premiered last night. Optometrists are hoping the series, in which estranged loved ones are made to look into each other’s eyes for five minutes, will encourage Australians to put down their screens and reconnect – for the sake of their relationships and their eye health.

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Buying prescription glasses online can put your vision at risk

According to Optometry Australia, those who buy prescription glasses online instead of from an optometrist are more likely to regret their purchase. They could also be putting their eye health at risk.

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New trial finds honey to be a superior treatment for dry eyes

In a ground-breaking new trial, this powerful natural product has been proven to outperform standard treatments in relieving the symptoms of dry eyes.

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Threat of vision loss a motivator to quit smoking

Vision is consistently rated as our most important sense, and smoking is the biggest controllable factor associated with age-related macular degeneration – an irreversible eye disease that can lead to blindness.


Lyn Brodie appointed CEO of Optometry Australia

Experienced executive, Ms Lyn Brodie, has been appointed CEO of Australia’s peak professional body for optometrists, Optometry Australia.  Optometry Australia’s President Andrew Hogan said that the Board was delighted that Ms Brodie was joining the organisation.

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Seize the day like Judi Dench: Get your eyes tested for macular degeneration

Optometry Australia is urging everyone over 50 to book a potentially sight-saving eye test with their optometrist. Dame Judi Dench, a class-act on and off the screen, has also encouraged over-50s to get tested.


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