In Focus by Andrew McKinnon

Merry Christmas!

Members, a very Merry Christmas to you and your families!  You will be able to access the Association for advice and assistance right across the Christmas/New Year period. Just call (02) 9712 2199 and if we can’t answer straight away we’ll get back to you ASAP. **If you get to our answering service please leave a message with your phone number. Your number will NOT automatically come up as a missed call.

Super Sunday is Back!

Super Sunday is back! Register now for the most exciting CPD event in Australia, featuring the iconic Luna Park! To register, click the image below:


Festive Season Public Holidays

The gazetted public holidays for the Christmas period are:

Christmas Day - Monday 25 December
Boxing Day - Tuesday 26 December
New Year’s Day - Monday 1 January

Optometry NSW/ACT is Now on Facebook

Into Facebook? Optometry NSW/ACT has a spanking new Facebook page! You can Like Us, Follow Us and keep track of us for updates on CPD events, vision standards, news and all things optometry related.


Roads & Maritime Services - Correction to Assessing Fitness to Drive Handbook

Roads and Maritime Services have released a correction to the Assessing Fitness to Drive handbook. The changes correct information on the use of telescopic lenses (bioptic lenses) and electronic aids. For the document click here.

New Chairside Reference Guides from CFEH

Our colleagues at the Centre for Eye Health have released two new guides on Pigmented Retinal Lesions and Hypo-Pigmented Lesions. Click on the links to be taken to the guides. Additional Chairside References, Condition Spotlights and information on past and upcoming webinars from CFEH may be found by clicking here.

Your Association - Our Support for You

Each month we bring you a short article about things that the Association is doing to support members.

We all hope never to encounter these sorts of circumstances, but occasionally they arise.

Many of the calls to the Association involve retail disputes – and all too frequently, they feature a patient who seems to have had a change of mind and is asserting their right to a refund.

In one such case, a patient walked back into a practice a few days after having collected her new spectacles and demanded a refund. The reason given was that the glasses "didn’t work". The patient point-blank refused to let the optometrist re-check her vision or to try any adjustments which might have addressed her concerns.

The member contacted us for advice.

Consumer law in these circumstances is quite clear – the merchant must be given the first opportunity to make good any problem and to resolve any complaint. The fact that the patient refused to allow the optometrist to investigate the matter meant that the patient really had no grounds at all to seek a refund.

The optometrist was advised that they could, if they wished, refuse a refund until such time as they were given a reasonable opportunity to rectify any problem. The patient wasn’t happy but the matter has gone no further – indicating that it may well have been a "try-on".

As we say, the Association is here to safeguard and enhance your interests. We have extensive expertise, backed by specialist professional resources. That’s why you belong!