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OWA CPD Events 2021

OWA CPD Evening 17th November 2021 Money Focus 3

Optometry Western Australia’s will host part 3 of the Money Focus series presented by Lisa Jansen & Paul McKinley on Wednesday 17th November.

Topic: Money Focus Part III 

The CPD evening will be available via Zoom only.

Venue: ZOOM – Registration not open yet

Session Information
This 1hr presentation will cover… TBC


Max CPD hours awarded: TBC but will be interactive.

Forthcoming OWA CPD Dates for 2021

  • 17th Nov 2021 – Zoom Interactive CPD
  • 23rd Nov 2021 – Metro Interactive CPD – In Person & Zoom Available
  • 30th Nov 2021 – ECO CPD Evening

All Events In WA on OA Website Currently


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Thank you to those of you who took part in the OWA Member Social Survey. OWA is continuously looking at a range of initiatives to add further value to our members, and your suggestions and feedback has been collated. The summarized findings are below:

  • Majority of responders see value in OWA facilitating social events, key reasons being
    • Comradery especially during COVID
    • Positive impact on well being and mental health
    • Discover opportunities
    • Sharing ideas
    • Like minded people
    • Making friendships

Want to attend first Social Event of 2021…

  • Responders are interested in a social events calendar in addition to OWA-facilitated events
  • Preference is for open attendance i.e. entire practice team, suppliers, loved ones
  • Quarterly events preferred, with an ‘interactive CPD’ session making members more likely to attend
  • Popular activities were (descending order): quiz night; movie night fundraiser; cooking class, wine tasting tour & bushwalking; fundraising gala dinner; art class
  • Other feedback suggested Saturday night events; being mindful of members in regional locations; concerns around fees subsidizing events; and attendance being dependent on time and family commitments

Our promise to you:

  • Create a social events calendar on ‘what’s happening around me in WA’
  • Quarterly events (ideally with some interactive CPD) with a small budget subsidized for social investment, but a pay-as-you-go activity / meals to allow other industry people to attend

Optometry WA Annual General Meeting - 20th Oct 2021

Optometry Western Australia Annual General Meeting for 2021 was held on Wednesday 20th October 2021 at 6pm AWST via Zoom only.

Go to Our People to view the new 2021-2022 Optometry WA Board Members

RSVP Form Online


AGM Notice & Agenda 2021       Nomination Form          Proxy Form       

Optometry WA Metro CPD

The Optometry WA CPD events calendar runs from February to November every year.  The Metro events are usually held at the UWA venue of the FJ Clark Building, QEII Medical Centre, Nedlands.

  • 22nd Feb 2021 – Metro CPD
  • 2nd Mar 2021 – Regional CPD, Bunbury
  • 20/21 Mar 2021 – WAVE Conference
  • 11th May 2021 – Metro CPD
  • 8th Jun 2021 – Metro CPD
  • 23rd Jun 2021 – Interactive Metro & Zoom CPD
  • 27th Jul 2021 – Metro CPD
  • 3rd Aug 2021 – Regional CPD Interactive, Mandurah
  • 23rd Aug 2021 – Metro CPD
  • 6th Sep 2021 – Metro CPD Interactive
  • 22 Sep 2021 – Zoom Interactive CPD
  • 4th Oct 2021 – Metro CPD
  • 17th Nov 2021 – Zoom Interactive CPD
  • 23rd Nov 2021 – Metro CPD Interactive TX

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View All Archived Events in WA


Optometry WA Regional CPD

Optometry WA host four regional CPD evenings a year. In the past these have been in March & June, watch this space for the 2020 Regional dates and topics.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the planned June regional CPDs will now look to being hosted online & delivered in July, not June.

Past regional CPD’s have been held in Mandurah, Waikiki, Bunbury and Busselton.

2021 Regional CPD Dates

  • Tuesday 2nd March – Bunbury
    • Tuesday 3rd August – Mandurah  – Interactive CPD Available in Person Only
      Limited Places.


Early Career Optometrists - WA

Optometry WA has an active group of members who are all within their first 10 years of their optometry career.  The Early Career Optometrists in WA have a busy calendar of events throughout the year of CPD and social nights.

2021 ECO Dates

Date: 30th November 2021 – Dr Tom Cunneen

This event is open to the Early Career Optometrists WA

Further information to follow.




Optometry WA Annual State Conference - Hybrid

Register here for WAVE On Demand 2021 – Hybrid Conference access to virtual viewing of WAVE 2021 Conference. 

Virtual Venue: Your choice

Email if you wish to pay for registration to WAVE on Demand – Access is available until 31st October 2021.

Go to the WAVE website



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WAVE 2022 – Save the Date!    Saturday & Sunday 19th & 20th March 2022

The Esplanade Hotel – Hybrid Conference in Person & Virtual Attendance Options. 

Further information to follow. 


WAVE@home – Free 60- 90 Minute Webcasts

Want to watch WAVE@home?  Available until 30th Nov 2021 CPD HOURS AVAILABLE

WAVE@home brought to you by Optometry Australia and Optometry WA in 2020 is now available in 2021 offering the recordings for additional Independent Learning CPD HOURS.

Thank you to our WAVE@home presenters;

  • Dr Lauren Ayton on Sunday 29th March 2020.
  • Dr Alex Hui on Sunday 29th March 2020.
  • Dr Kate Gifford on Sunday 26th April 2020
  • Jason Holland on Sunday 3rd May 2020

WAVE@home live webcasts have now been completed but you can watch all of the sessions again to gain Independent Learning CPD HOURS IN 2021, with assessment.   Just click on the link below for further information.  All recordings available until 30/11/2021.

Want to watch WAVE@home?  Available until 30th Nov 2021 CPD HOURS AVAILABLE

Read more about our events via the tabs featured on this page and if you have any queries, please email




Optometry WA supports St Pat's Fremantle

Optometry WA run a monthly eye clinic at St Pat’s Community Support Centre in Fremantle.  On the third Tuesday of every month (except December), Optometry WA Executive Officer, Evan MacRae runs the eye clinic with the support of one of our kind volunteer optoms.

The frames are all donated or recycled and the lenses are kindly provided at a very low cost by CR Surfacing Laboratories.  We ask for volunteers at the start of each year and we currently have all our volunteers for the 2021 St Pat’s dates.

If you have any queries, please email



Thank you to ne:Solutions for their recent donation of equipment to St Pats.

Helping to See the Future, With The Past

As WA’s ONLY SENIOR & SPECIALTY MOVE MANAGEMENT COMPANY, NE Solutions alleviates the stress of transitioning through life’s Autumn and Winter years – by turning them into Spring and Summer days – all with empathy and advocacy, like a loving family member.

With NE’s unique bespoke client services; they can assist with the navigating to Retirement/ Aged Care, decluttering, downsizing, disposing, selling, maintenance/staging, packing and moving from a precious home – to unpacking and settling into a new abode.

Part of our Journey process can be going through up to 50 years worth of memories, belongings, keepsakes and junk!” says Jay Shaw, Senior & Specialty Move Manager and Director of NE Solutions. “We thoroughly sort through the items, keeping as much out of the landfill as possible – and then donate or sell through our Facebook Group page NE:Thing Goes WA, and a via our database of avid buyers of antique and retro items.”

“We often come across some very unique and wonderful items, that sometimes take a little research to find their perfect next home.”

“One downsizing couple, had an old Slit lamp – that was used by the lady of the house in her iridology and naturopath business – and we are so happy it has now found a new home with Optometry WA at St Pat’s in Fremantle.”

“We’ve also built up quite a collection of spectacles that we are hope will be of use to those in need too” said Jay.

NE Solutions is all about supporting people through life’s journeys, from rightsizing or during a major lifestyle change such as the death of a loved one and can be contacted on 1800 637 658 or via




Optometry WA Annual Golf Day

Optometry WA hosts an annual golf day for members and our industry associates.

The Optometry WA Golf Day is expected to be in April 2022.

Well done to Team UnB!!eviable for winning the competition in 2021.

Email for further details.






The City of Perth

*** 2021 Awaiting further Information***

The Homeless Connect Project is held annually by The City of Perth and Volunteering WA. Homeless Connect Perth is based on a one-stop-shop model of service provision to homeless people. Business and community groups come together to provide free services to homeless people for a day. Its object is to bring together one place, on one day, for homeless services in Perth.  *Event subject to change. 

Homeless Connect 2021 – Watch this space for further details.   If you would like to register your interest to volunteer please email




CPR Courses with Time Critical


Optometry WA works with Time Critical to provide CPR courses for our members on Sunday mornings…  Once you complete your course, you can upload the certificate to the OA Member Hub, tick that you are CPR Accredited and enter the expiry date of your certificate.

Time Critical has completed a Risk Assessment & put the following measures in place:

  • Adequate space to adhere to social distancing
  • Adequate ventilation
  • All surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected
  • Training equipment has been cleaned and disinfected
  • Adequate hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes available
  • Hand sanitiser provided throughout the course
  • Training equipment cleaned with alcohol wipes during session after each use

Need your CPR Certificate?

If anyone is wanting to do a CPR course,contact Time Critical’s for their current courses – you don’t have to use this provider, there are many others available, but the courses are run on Sundays to hopefully suit our members who can’t get out of the office during the week or Saturday’s.

All are at the following address: Stirling Regional Business Centre,
45 Delawney Street, Balcatta  WA 6021
9am to 12.30pm     $65 

Link: CPR 24/10/21  24th October 2021

T: 08 9207 2900 |  E:

Remember to put the expiry date 3 years from the date taken, as you are only required by AHPRA to take the course once every 3 years. You can also email the OWA office to update your certificate on