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By Rhiannon Riches
Communications Manager


The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has written to Optometry Australia to clarify that the indexation for optometry consultation fees for DVA cardholders will recommence from 1 July 2019, not 1 July 2018 as previously advised.

This is in line with indexation for the equivalent Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has also clarified that indexation for items on the visual aids schedule, such as fees for lenses or frames, will recommence on 1 July 2018, a year earlier than indexation for optometry consultation fees.

Professional Development and Clinical Policy Manager Simon Hanna said Optometry Australia had previously received incorrect information on indexation.

‘We had originally received incorrect advice from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs that indexation for optometry consultation items and visual aids would both recommence on 1 July 2018 but we’ve since been advised that indexation for visual aids for DVA cardholders will start this year, and consultation items for DVA will start next year.

‘We have made clear to the DVA our disappointment at this news and reiterated our concerns that failure to fairly remunerate optometrists for the important eye care provided to our veterans could ultimately lead to reduced access for veterans,’ he said.

Mr Hanna said member queries regarding DVA indexation can be emailed to

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