Meet ECONA - Your Early Career Optometrists NSW/ACT Committee

Early Career Optometrists NSW/ACT, otherwise known as ECONA, was established in 2019. ECONA was formed to engage with, support and represent the growing number of early career optometrists that make up membership of Optometry NSW/ACT. As such ECONA forms the conduit between Optometry NSW/ACT and early career members.

Our committee involves on one hand, advising the state organisation on what members need and want from their professional body and on the other hand, delivering these services.

At ECONA we will work to fulfill the professional needs of the unique group of early career optometrists through the provision of continuing professional development and networking opportunities, essential elements in fostering and growing a high-performing profession, an ongoing commitment to optometry, as well as helping you gain individual career satisfaction.

Learn more about ECONA’s structure and committees HERE.

For upcoming events, networking opportunities or simply for more information, contact Optometry NSW/ACT.

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