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By Ashleigh McMillan


Optometry Australia has updated its list of medicines optometrists can prescribe on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

As previously reported, Chlorsig eye-drops and ointment are no longer available under the PBS. Patients who are supplied the over-the-counter medicine by pharmacists are required to pay full price.

National clinical policy advisor Simon Hanna says Optometry Australia’s policy team has collaborated with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia to encourage education and professional collaboration on the prescribing of Chlorsig.

‘If patients are going to go straight to the pharmacists with a red eye, we want to ensure appropriate management and to consider whether the pharmacists may need to refer patients back to the optometrist if it’s something that doesn’t require Chlorsig or is slightly more sinister,’ he said.

The list of medicines which can be prescribed on the PBS can be found here. The list is published each year in the December issue of Pharma.

The list of optometric medicines on the PBS can be found on the Department of Health PBS website.

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