SRC 2017: 27-28 May

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SRC this year delivered a fantastic experience for all of our delegates, exhibitors and sponsors. Many of the 843 in attendance have already provided great feedback on the event, and the Board and I are very happy at being able to deliver such a prominent annual member event.

The program included some terrific lectures, with highlights including our key note speakers Dr Ben Gaddie and Dr Jim Thimons, and many of our local speakers who were certainly not overshadowed in any way, providing relevant and high-quality content. Another definite highlight was the opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues.

The SRC app and online assessment through EduPro was well received by delegates overall, with many participants building their confidence in using the new technology across the two days of the conference. Offering a variety of options to complete assessment meant we were able to cater to a range of needs, and tailor a response to individuals as required.

The new online assessment system has provided significant cost savings, is more reliable and administratively streamlined, which allows us to spend more time with delegates and to invest in other aspects of the conference.

Our Secretariat staff and small army of volunteers, worked extremely hard to assist delegates to ensure their experience was positive and enjoyable.  

The student program was also very well received, with 46 students participating. The social event at the end of the afternoon was a definite highlight and a fantastic way for the students to unwind and network with their peers. We thank our Young Optometrists Victoria committee members for their planning and participation in this session.

We would like to thank all of those who took time out of their busy schedules and lives to participate in the conference, and who all contributed to making it such a successful event. In particular, thanks to the Program Committee and session chairs and coordinators. Of course heartfelt thanks to all of our sponsors and exhibitors, without whom the event simply could not run. Thank you!

Murray Smith

President, Optometry Victoria

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