Optometry Australia Advocacy

Representation of optometrists and the optometry profession to Government and other bodies is a key aspect of the organisation's role. Optometry Australia's advocacy efforts are directed toward ensuring:

  • a sustainable primary eye care system
  • the ongoing development of optometry as a fulfilling and rewarding profession
  • contexts that support safe, quality care
  • timely access to primary eye health and vision care for all patients, regardless of where they live.

The organisation's advocacy work is responsive to member's needs. Regular surveys of members ensure the organisation understands priorities for members. Further consultation with members occurs through the organisation's expert working groups, state bodies, consultation forums and via established communication channels with members.

The organisation's advocacy work takes many forms and can include representations to Government Ministers and senior personnel, participation in Government advisory forums, submissions to inquiries and consultations, and co-ordination of member advocacy campaigns.

The organisation recognises the strength in partnership approaches to advocacy and is an active member of a number of alliances through which shared policy priorities are advocated.

These include:

  • Vision 2020 Australia
  • the National Primary Health Care Partnership
  • the National Rural Health Alliance (via the Association's Rural Optometry Group)

Federal Budget 2016-2017 – Implications for the profession