Credentialed Optometrists

Credentialed Optometrists

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) aims to enhance and promote aviation safety through effective safety regulation and by encouraging industry to deliver high standards of safety. CASA and Optometry Australia have entered into a relationship to establish a network of optometrists who have the credentials to conduct vision and eye examinations for the purposes of pilot licensing. The Organisation facilitates the process by which Credentialed Optometrists (COs) can maintain their credentials on an annual basis.

Credentialed Optometrists by State

Optometry Australia and CASA encourage non aviation trained optometrists to consult with credentialed optometrists in relation to the care of their patients who are in the aviation industry.

Important changes to MRS online portal

CASA is announcing that the new online aviation Medical Records System (MRS) will be released on March 21, 2016. From this date all aviation medicals will need to be completed by both Aviation Reference Number (ARN) holders and Examiners using the new MRS system. CASA cannot accept any application for a medical certificate created in the current MRS after the 16 March 2016. Any applications not submitted to CASA by this date will need to be re-entered in the new MRS and submitted for assessment.

If Examiners are experiencing difficulty submitting an application they can phone IT support on 0434 076 851 or 02 6217 1405. Neither the old nor the new MRS system will be available from the 17th to the 20th of March in which to record medical examinations. CASA recommends Examiners book appointments around the four day period.

A training portal has been developed for any CO wishing to practice entering a report at  and an ophthalmologist user manual can be downloaded here. 

OA Member Number

Credentialed optometrists should continue using their old 4 digit OAA number in all communications with CASA, including online MRS examinations. Your old OAA number will now become your CASA CO number.

Initial training

The last course was held on the weekend of 14/15 February 2015. At this stage no further courses are scheduled. Expressions of interest should be directed to Content of training courses will cover eye and vision standards for various classes of pilot licenses, the types and extent of the eye examination expected and elements of eye health and vision as they relate to the aviation environment.

Refresher course

The next CASA CO Refresher course will be held on the Friday afternoon prior to the Australian Vision Convention (QLD/NT OA Conference) in April 2017. All CO’s are reminded they must complete some CPD in aviation optometry every 4 years. If you will require a refresher course in 2018 please let us know which state is your preferred location. Registration form for the 2017 refresher and some important notes from this year’s course can be downloaded below:

2017 CASA Refresher course registration form
Changes to colour vision testing
MRS 2 DAO Examiner Interface


To become a Credentialed Optometrist an optometrist needs to participate in training that complies with Optometry Australia's ongoing competency requirements for credentialed optometrists. 

 Credentialed optometrist resources 

Previous Course notes

Annual audit of credentialed optometrists

Credentialed optometrist must undergo an annual renewal of their aviation status. Some COs may be subject to audit on this renewal 

Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ASAM)

ASAM is the authoritative professional body whose role is to cultivate and promote aerospace medicine and related disciplines in Australasia. Comprising more than 800 members from many fields of medical practice, the Society has been in existence for nearly 60 years and has provided professional development for its members by hosting successful scientific meetings each year.

More information

For information contact: National Professional Services Manager on (03) 9668 8500 or email